Each dhole pack contains a dominant monogamous breeding alpha pair.

Dholes are highly social, pack-driven animals that like to keep an eye on each other. They rarely separate from one another as they live in close-knit packs averaging 5-12. They interact with other dholes outside of their own group, but the original pack rarely exceeds 20. Pack sizes differ depending on the ecosystem and prey availability. In the past, researchers have reported packs as big as 40 and there are rumors of packs even reaching 100.

Dholes have clear hierarchy in their packs with each group containing a dominant monogamous breeding alpha pair. While alpha dhole pairs are dominant, they are not excessively aggressive towards the beta pack members. Subordinate pack members are reproductively suppressed and instead help care for the young of the dominant pair.

Sources: (Carmignani; Chacon, 2000; Hance, 2015; Johnsingh, 1982; Kamler, et al., 2015; Venkataraman, 1995)
Image: Aakanksha Singh


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