Dholes are docile, gentle, communal animals and do not show aggression toward each other.

Dholes are docile animals. Gentle and communal, they are described as more egalitarian than wolves. Aside from cubs play fighting, there is rarely any evidence of aggressiveness among pack members, and there is almost never any bullying. They are known to have high levels of amicable behavior within packs, even among adults, which includes playing and face licking. Dholes seem to be playful and not have such antagonistic encounters between pack members as you might see in wolves.

While alpha dhole pairs are dominant, they are not excessively aggressive towards the beta pack members.

Unlike wolves, dholes allow pups to eat before any of the other pack members.

Dholes do not attack human beings and usually retreat at the sight of a person. They are super-sensitive animals, skittish to the point of potentially overheating under stress.

Sources: (Carmignani; Chacon, 2000; Hance, 2015)
Image: Cloudtail the Snow Leopard


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