Hawksbill Turtle


Hawksbill turtles have a flattened body shape, flipper-like limbs, and a protective carapace that can change colors based on water temperature.

The hawksbill turtle’s appearance is similar to that of other marine turtles. In general, it has a flattened body shape, flipper-like limbs adapted for swimming in the open ocean, and a protective carapace.

The beautiful carapace of the hawksbill turtle is generally streaked and marbled with amber, yellow, or brown, and can slightly change colors, depending on water temperature.

Young hawksbill turtles have a heart-shaped carapace. As these turtles mature, their carapaces become more elongated.

Sources: (Edelman, 2004; Ernst, Lovich, Barbour, 1994; Pilcher; Turtle Trax, 2005; Wikimedia Foundation, 2018; WWF)
Image: Thomas Jundt


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