Sea Turtle Host Train

The second FaunaFocus 24-Hour Host Train has come to an end! FaunaFocus partnered with the World Wildlife Fund-Australiaa (WWF)‘s Wild-Livestream event and featured 11 different artists> on Twitch over the course of 24 hours spanning the entirety of Saturday, October 20th. Each artist created artwork inspired by sea turtles, most focusing on the endangered green turtle and the critically endangered hawksbill turtle.

Together, viewers and artists were able to raise $836 (including Mehvaro fundraising $185 separately,) to help conservationists gather demographic data from sea turtles, such as nesting activity, migration patterns, and population trends. These funds will help cover expenses and gather supplies for turtle expeditions in which turtles are studied, tagged, and monitored in order to better understand their needs and how we can protect them and their habitats. The campaign doesn’t officially end until October 28th, so there’s still time to make a donation on the FaunaFocus Tiltify page!

Thank you to the moderators that helped organize this event, the artists that volunteered their time and creative skills, and the viewers who attended the event and donated to the cause. FaunaFocus is always eager to put together similar events for the conservation of endangered species!

World Wildlife Fund-Australia


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