Hawksbill Turtle

The entire hawksbill turtle nesting process takes roughly 1-3 hours in which the turtles dig pits, lay their eggs, then cover the nests and return to the sea.

Hawksbill turtles nest on insular and mainland sandy beaches throughout the tropics and subtropics in at least 70 countries, although much nesting now only occurs at low densities. The entire nesting process takes roughly one to three hours and involves similar steps as most other species of sea turtles.

The turtles come out of the sea and select a site in which to lay their eggs. They then clear the area and dig a pit in the sand. Next, they lay their eggs and proceed to fill in the pit with sand using their hind limbs. After the eggs have been laid and the site has been disguised, the female turtles return to the sea.

Sources: (Edelman, 2004; Ernst, Lovich, Barbour, 1994; Groombridge & Luxmoore, 1989; Mortimer & Donnelly, 2008)
Image: Gerwin Sturm


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