Livingstone’s Flying Fox

During the rainy season when more food is available, Livingstone’s flying foxes feed on a variety of fruits, but during the dry season, they eat selectively and mostly rely on the giant-leaved fig tree.

In the dry season, Livingstone’s flying foxes tend to be much more selective on what and where they feed, preferring fig trees, but in the rainy season when more food is available, they feed on a larger variety of fruits.

A very important tree for the Livingstone’s flying fox and the Seychelles flying fox (Pteropus seychellensis) during the dry season is the giant-leaved fig tree (Ficus lutea). This tree is chosen over many other fig trees.

Image | © Deborah Luffman, All Rights Reserved
Sources | (Dewey & Long, 2007; Sewall, 2002; Sewall, Young, Trewhella, Rodríguez-Clark, & Granek, 2016; Trewhella, Rodríguez-Clark, Davies, Reason, & Wray, 2001)

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