Butterfly Viper

Butterfly Viper

Butterfly vipers are large, stout, heavy-bodied snakes that average 60-90 cm. in length, but can reach up to 2.1 m.

The butterfly viper is a large, stout, heavy-bodied snake.

Adult butterfly vipers have an average total length, from body to tail, of 60-107 centimeters, or 23-42 inches. Maximum total lengths of up to 1.2 meters, or 47.2 inches, are possible, but are an exception. Some butterfly vipers have been reported to reach 2.1 meters, or 7 feet.

Image | © Tayler, Some Rights Reserved (CC BY-NC 4.0)
Sources | (Firehouse, 2003; Lipsett, 2003; Mallow, Ludwig, & Nilson, 2003; Mehrtens, 1987; Rogers, 2000; Spawls, Howell, Drewes, & Ashe, 2004; The Wikimedia Foundation, 2018)

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