October 2019: Leopard

Leopard (Panthera pardus)

Throughout the month of October 2019, FaunaFocus will be featuring it’s next big cat species, the leopard!

The leopard is an arboreal, opportunistic feline carnivore native to Africa and Asia. With a spotted pelage of black rosettes, each leopard has individual markings that vary geographically amongst the 8 subspecies. Leopards are ambush predators and feast on prey in trees.



Create art inspired by the leopard and share it in the FaunaFocus Discord Server or on social media with #faunafocus. Learn about more ways to get involved with FaunaFocus!

Event Date Time (CDT)
Leucism CreateAlong October 19 7:00 pm
Free-For-All: Deadline October 29 12:00 pm
Free-For-All: Livestream October 30 7:00 pm


Image | © Tambako The Jaguar, Some Rights Reserved (CC BY-ND 2.0)


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