Free-For-All: Przewalski’s Horse

Visual Kraft Design’s digital portrait depicts the past, present, and future of Przewalski’s horse with a combined composition containing three separate portraits. This combination created an interesting composition that was enhanced with a unified color scheme made up of mostly warm colors that emphasized the wild horse’s pelt.


Free-For-All: Bilby

Visual Kraft Design used digital media to represent Australia’s rebrand of the Easter Bunny to the Easter Bilby. This colorful illustration presents a curious bilby guarding a nest of brightly colored and heavily patterned eggs. The background is filled with large bilby shapes that symbolize traditional chocolate bilbies though they blend cohesively with the background due to their foliage coloration.

Holiday Art Trade

Holiday Art Trade: 2020

Happy new year, everyone! Most of us are probably excited that 2020 has ended and 2021 has begun! FaunaFocus' 4th annual Holiday Art Trade has been another success! This year, 20 different artists participated, helping to spread cheer throughout the season. Each artist created artwork that featured an animal species requested by another participant, secret … Continue reading Holiday Art Trade: 2020

Koala Host Train & FFA

Free-For-All: Koala

Sarah used digital media to depict an emotional scene of a mother koala and her baby. This beautifully haunting piece used muted colors to depict the suffocating smoke of the Australian bushfires and a pop of bright orange tones to enhance the vibrant light of the blaze. With a baby koala peering into the viewer’s eyes, the spectator feels challenged to act in order to help the koalas in their plight.


Free-For-All: Gulbaru Leaf-Tailed Gecko

Nenelink painted an 8″x10″ monochromatic acrylic painting of the small Gulbaru leaf-tailed gecko in shades of blue and violet. Emphasizing the blotchy, patterned visual texture of the reptile against a busy, impressionistic background, Nene utilized the gecko’s strengths to create a beautiful piece of work.