Free-For-All: Silverstone’s Poison Frog


The first thing that struck me about this little critter was the lovely colouration that fades from the lower half of the body. Something about it reminded me of Kabuki theater, and learning they tend to carry their tadpoles on their back pushed the idea even further! I hope you enjoy this extravagant froggo.

Faisal Kubba

The FaunaFocus Free-For-All is an art competition that is open to all and is intended to foster community-based learning while celebrating successes and encouraging artists to improve from discipline and criteria.

August 2020’s Free-For-All featured the Silverstone’s poison frog.

Faisal Kubba depicted the Silverstone’s poison frog as a performer of Kabuki theatre with a tadpole riding on its back. With clean lines and textured brushstrokes, Faisal was able to depict the frog’s granular skin and distinct markings.



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