Tiger Shark

Although the total number of tiger sharks worldwide is unknown, they’re known to have a decreasing population trend and have declined 30% over the past 3 generations of 53-68 years.

Currently, the total number of tiger sharks worldwide is unknown.

Given the wide range of the species and the localities of the shark control programs, the tiger shark is suspected to have undergone an overall population reduction of close to 30% globally over the past three generations (53- 68 years) based on actual levels of exploitation from commercial, recreational, and unregulated fisheries, as well as shark control programs.

A further population reduction is suspected over the future three generation lengths (2018-2086) based on current levels of exploitation that are likely to continue into the future.

Image | ©️ D Ross Robertson, Public Domain , Public Domain
Sources | (Draper, 2011; Ferreira & Simpfendorfer, 2019)

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