White-Nosed Coati

The white-nosed coati’s population details are unknown, but estimates range from rare in the United States to common in Costa Rica.

The numbers of the white-nosed coati are unknown and population estimates from from rare to common.

It is rare in the United States and can be anything from common to scarce in Central America where its status is less well known, but indications are that its numbers have been greatly reduced. The Mexican population has probably been severely reduced and it may even be extirpated in certain areas. In Costa Rica the species is considered to be fairly common.

Population density is greater in the tropics than in south-western United States. Both regions show year-to-year fluctuations in population sizes as a result of disease or food availability.

Image | ©️ Siddarth Machado, Some Rights Reserved, (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
Sources | (Gommper 1995, 1997; Wright, Carrasco, Calderon, & Paton,1999; Wright & Duber, 2001; Valenzuela & Ceballos, 2000)


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