Kea are diurnal and call and forage in the morning, roost in the middle of the day, and forage again before sleeping in the trees.

Kea are diurnal, rising in the early morning to begin calling and then foraging until late morning. They generally roost during the middle of the day and begin foraging again in the evening, sometimes until after dark, when they go to roost for the night on tree branches.

The timing of these daily activities varies with the weather; kea are fairly heat-intolerant and spend more time roosting on hot days.

Image | ©️ Rafal Wadowski, Some Rights Reserved, (CC BY-ND 2.0)
Sources | (Diamond & Bond, 1999; Gajdon, Fijn, & Huber, 2004; Huber & Taborsky, 2001; Tebbich, Taborsky, & Winkler, 1996; Williams, 2001)

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