Annamite Striped Rabbit

Annamite striped rabbits most likely feed at night on plants in the forest understory, using hindgut fermentation to metabolize food.

The specific diet of Annamite striped rabbits is not yet known.

Its sister species, the Sumatran striped rabbit (Nesolagus netscheri), feeds at night on plants that make up the forest understory. They remain hidden in the understory while foraging rather than foraging in exposed clearings.

All lagomorphs are herbivores that use hindgut fermentation to metabolize food. They also reingest their own soft feces in order to extract remaining nutrients.

Image | © Shane S. (Yodeldog), All Rights Reserved
Sources | (Flux, 1990; Hoedl, 2012; Lumpkin & Seidensticker, 2011; The Wikimedia Foundation, 2021b)

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