October 2017 Free-For-All: Results

Once again, our community has come together and shared its incredible talents in the FaunaFocus Free-For-All competition by creating an array of wonderfully unique works of art inspired by October’s FaunaFocus, the red panda.

Nine artists put their work forwards to be judged on Monday, October 29th’s judging livestream, on the FaunaFocus Twitch Stream Team page, by judges Noelle M. Brooks, PrendorianCrab, and Draws_With_Kitties. From gouache to digital the diversity of mediums utilized this month was greatly notable. All artists did a wonderful job at artistically portraying the red panda’s unique features!

Congratulations to October 2017’s Free-For-All Winner, Misscbear, whose serene and whimsical piece brought out all the positive traits of the red panda through harmonious, deliberate visual language. Claire will choose the featured animal species for the month of December, which will be revealed at the end of November’s Free-For-All judging livestream.

November’s Free-For-All will feature the remarkable axolotl!



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