November 2017 Free-For-All: Results

November’s unsual FaunaFocus, the Axolotl, inspired 10 artists to participate in the Free-For-All competition and have a chance at choosing January’s featured species. There was an array of styles, media, and colors portrayed, with each entry representing a unique facet of the amphibian.

All ten artworks were judged by judges Noelle M. Brooks, PrendorianCrab, and EternitysEmporium while Noelle and Eternity critiqued the pieces live on stream on Thursday, November 30th on the FaunaFocus Twitch Stream Team page.

Congratulations to November 2017’s Free-For-All Winner, Draws With Kitties, with his incredible depiction of an axolotl in a sci-fi scene. Draws With Kitties will choose the featured animal species for the month of January, which will be revealed at the end of December’s Free-For-All judging livestream.

This upcoming month’s Free-For-All will feature the textural white rhinoceros! Thank you to everyone who participated, and we look forward to seeing your rhino artwork!

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