Common Palm Civet

Common palm civets can be distinguished from other civets from a lack of black rings on the tail, backwards growing hair on the neck, and weaker teeth.

Unlike other civets, common palm civets tails do not have black rings. Rather, they are just tipped black on the very end. Another distinguishing factor is that their neck hair grows backwards, whereas other members of the civet family have forward growing neck hair.

Palm civets have more specialized teeth for an omnivorous diet than other civets that mostly eat meat. Asian palm civets have teeth that are weaker and pointed, and the carnassials, that are apt for slicing meat, are less developed.

Sources: (Burton, 1968; Larivière, 2003; Nelson, 2013; Wemmer & Murtaugh, 1981)
Image: Me and my tripod


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