Common Palm Civet

Common palm civets produce a sweet-smelling musk that humans use as perfume and to treat scabies.

One of the earliest uses that humans have used common palm civets for was their sweet-smelling musk. In the past, it was used to treat such things as scabies, but today it is only used for perfume.

To get civet oil, the scent gland must be scraped out with a special tool, which is a difficult task and, if not done, properly is painful for the civet. The musk can also be produced when the civet is harassed.

Often, this industry is supported by trappers that go into the wild and capture wild civets to obtain their oil.

Sources: (Duckworth, et al., 2011; Nelson, 2013; Nowak, 1999)
Image: Thabo Zijlstra


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