Free-For-All: February 2018

Noelle M. Brooks Denise Kristin (TheGlitchyIris) PhilthyTurtle
Date February 2018 Theme Green Turtle
Entries 5 Winner TheMissFox


February has come to a close and with it the FaunaFocus Free-For-All winner has been selected. This month, every single entry utilized color in such a prominent way that created vibrant, colorful compositions that perfectly complemented the prismatic physique of the green turtle. Most of this month’s entries were created with watercolor, which highlighted the theme well due to the green turtle residing in an aquatic environment. Thank you to everyone who entered and allowed us to view their stunning work!

Congratulations to February 2018’s Free-For-All Winner, TheMissFox, with an impressive illustration of a green turtle amidst a sea of greens and blues. Mostly depicted in cool colors, the turtle is composed within the sea amongst heavily textured coral and vegation. Slight accents of yellows and browns allow for warm tones to complement the color scheme and create a harmonious painting, altogether.

TheMissFox has chosenfor the featured animal species of April to be randomized, so tune in to the FaunaFocus Free-For-All results at the end of March to see which animal will be chosen. March 2018 will feature the elusive dohle.


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