Free-For-All: March 2018

Noelle M. Brooks SilverCrossFox Stephen Scott (BlindCoyote)
Date March 2018 Theme Dhole
Entries 11 Winner Shane S. (Yodeldog)


Spring has begun and the March 2018 FaunaFocus Free-For-All has ended. There were so many outstanding artworks submitted this month, making March 2018 one of our most successful Free-For-All competitions yet! With a variety of media, styles, and personal perspectives, the entries impressed the judges and made the decision of selecting a winner difficult. Several of the artists decided to portray the social habits of the dhole, opting to illustrate more than one within their compositions. Every single entry offered a unique interpretation of the Asian wild dog.

Congratulations to March 2018’s FaunaFocus Free-For-All Winner, Shane S. (Yodeldog), with an ecstatic and vibrant depiction of a dancing dhole loving life and surrounded by a rainbow of colors. Inspired by the Hopi Festival that takes place in India, a natural habitat for the Indian wild dog, this piece highlighted the culture that surrounds this animal in a pleasing and stylized fashion. With neon hues and graphic shapes, this piece was skillfully composed and clearly demonstrated joy.

Shane has chosen the FaunaFocus for the month of May 2018, which will be announced at the end of April’s Free-For-All judging livestream. April is coming and the TheMissFox’s FaunaFocus is about to begin! The African Penguin will be highlighted for April’s FaunaFocus, perfect for the month containing World Penguin Day.


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