Free-For-All: Dhole


Partly inspired by the Holi Festival, an Indian celebration also known as the Festival of Colors, which took place early this month. I wanted to paint something joyous and colorful, so here we have a dhole just dancing around and loving life.

Shane S. (Yodeldog)

The FaunaFocus Free-For-All is an art competition that is open to all and is intended to foster community-based learning while celebrating successes and encouraging artists to improve from discipline and criteria.

March 2018’s Free-For-All featured the dhole.

Shane S. (Yodeldog) painted an ecstatic and vibrant depiction of a dancing dhole loving life and surrounded by a rainbow of colors. Inspired by the Hopi Festival that takes place in India, a natural habitat for the Indian wild dog, this piece highlighted the culture that surrounds this animal in a pleasing and stylized fashion. With neon hues and graphic shapes, this piece was skillfully composed and clearly demonstrated joy.



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