Bearded Vulture

Both bearded vulture parents care for their young, and unlike other vultures, deliver prey to the chicks without regurgitation.

Bearded vulture chicks are born semi-altricial and require post-hatching incubation and feeding. Both parents participate in feeding and rearing their chick.

Unlike other vultures, bearded vultures deliver prey remains to their young without regurgitation. As adults, bearded vultures prefer to feed on bones, but as chicks, an important part of their diet consists of meat and skin.

Sources: (Ferguson-Lees & Christie, 2001; Margalida, 2008; Margalida & Bertran, 2005; Margalida, Bertran, & Heredia, 2009; Margalida, Garcia, Bertran, & Heredia, 2003; Tenenzapf, 2011)
Image: Susanne Nilsson


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