Bearded Vulture

The bearded vulture breeding period varies depending on the region and takes about 177 days from egg-laying to fledgling.

When breeding in the wild, males are an average of 8.9 years old, while females are about 7.7 years old.

The breeding period of bearded vultures occurs from October until July and is divided into three periods: pre-laying, incubation, and chick-rearing. Breeding occurs from December to September in Europe and northern Africa; October–May in Ethiopia; May-January in southern Africa; year-round in much of eastern Africa; and December-June in India.

Nest building starts about 111 days before egg-laying. Egg laying to fledgling lasts about 177 days. Incubation lasts approximately 54 days, starting when the first egg has been laid.

There is a large variation in the first flight time of chicks, though most leave at about 4 months after birth, at which point they permanently leave the nest.

Sources: (Antor, et al., 2007; BirdLife International, 2017; Ferguson-Lees & Christie, 2001; Margalida & Bertran, 2005; Margalida, Garcia, Bertran, & Heredia, 2003; Tenenzapf, 2011)
Image: Tambako the Jaguar


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