Bearded Vulture

Bearded vultures are territorial and have extremely large home territories that range from 250-700 square km.

Bearded vultures are very territorial and have extremely large, vast home territories that range from 250 to 700 square kilometers. Foraging areas of Gypaetus barbatus have been reported to be as large as 7,500 square kilometers.

They are resident where they occur, but juveniles will wander more widely than adults.

Aerial displays and chases are used to communicate territory boundaries and to defend or attract mates.

Sources: (Antor, et al., 2007; Bertran & Margalida, 2004; BirdLife International, 2017; Blumstein, 1990; Ferguson-Lees & Christie, 2001; Margalida, 2008; Margalida & Bertran, 2005; Tenenzapf, 2011)
Image: Noel Reynolds


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