Free-For-All: July 2018

Noelle M. Brooks Fwatair PrendorianCrab
Date July 2018 Theme Okapi
Entries 8 Winner Danji Isthmus


This month’s FaunaFocus Free-For-All featured the equine-like okapi and inspired 8 different artists to enter with their own unique perspective of this unusual animal. Many artists chose to highlight the distinct features of this giraffe, such as its lengthy, dark, prehensile tongue or the many achromatic stripes that run across its rump.

Congratulations to July 2018’s FaunaFocus Free-For-All Winner, Danji Isthmus, who treated us with a long vertical piece featuring the varied stripes of the okapi’s hindquarters deconstructing into a colorful composition full of particles and vivid details. With white and black moths flying about the animal and the stripes seemingly disintegrating into the background, the illustration gives a whimsical, fantasy-like feeling. This painterly piece wowed the judges and made for another stunning Free-For-All winning piece.

Danji will chose the FaunaFocus for September 2018, which will be announced following August’s Free-For-All critique livestream. Last month’s winner, ActivateAngel has chosen for August’s FaunaFocus to be randomized, so our very first bear species was decided upon, the spectacled bear!


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