SketchAlong: October 2018

FaunaFocus had its first stream event on Twitch in support of the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) Wild-Livestream 2018 campaign!

On October 13th, 2018, FaunaFocus hosted a SketchAlong featuring the hawsbill turtle. Studying several different positions of the turtle, including a side profile, top-down view, and even an extreme close-up of the reptile’s beautiful eye, viewers were given step-by-step instructions by Noelle M. Brooks on how to use photographic references to create anatomically-correct sketches and drawings of this critically endangered species.

Donations towards WWF and the endangered sea turtles were made on the FaunaFocus Tiltify page where all proceeds will benefit the World Wildlife Foundation’s sea turtle saving endeavors. To join the campaign yourself, visit the WWF’s website. You can also participate by contributing your artwork to WWF.

FaunaFocus Calendar


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