Free-For-All: November 2018

Noelle M. Brooks Thornwolf CassyDraws
Date November 2018 Theme Ring-Tailed Lemur
Entries 3 Winner Arvemis

Another FaunaFocus Free-For-All has come to an end, this time featuring the ring-tailed lemur. Three different artists accepted the challenge and created digital illustrations to depict the striped primate. Each artist took inspiration of the lemur’s arboreal lifestyle and the muted green tones that surround the animal in its Madagascar jungle habitat. Although each artist used similar colors and themes, each piece shows a different aspect of this little critter.

Congratulations to November 2018’s FaunaFocus Free-For-All Winner, Arvemis, who created a unified composition of a lemur resting on a tree branch. This digital illustration blended the warm brown tones of the lemur and branches with the cool tones of the foliage surrounding them to create a pleasantly calming color palette. With a dappled lighting effect, the entire scene was painted with a soft, warm light that highlighted the bright fur of the lemur. With a curled, striped tail, the lemur allows the viewer to focus on its detailed face, move down along the composition, and return to the main focal point. The judges were enamored with this skillful illustration and delighted by the scene it presented.

Arvemis will choose the first FaunaFocus of 2019 for the month of January, which will be announced at the end of December’s Free-For-All critique livestream. Last month’s Free-For-All winner, Zoe has chosen the FaunaFocus for December, the world’s smallest feline, the rusty-spotted cat!


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