Free-For-All: March 2019

Noelle M. Brooks AmandaRuthArt MissCBear
Date March 2019 Theme Javan Rhinoceros
Entries 6 Winner Shadowind

March 2019’s FaunaFocus Free-For-All has concluded and we’ve got six different artworks each inspired by the Javan rhinoceros in completely different ways! Through digital and traditional artworks, artists emphasized the lesser one-horned rhino’s love of water, its herbivorous diet, and its Indonesian locality.

Congratulations to March 2019’s FaunaFocus Free-For-All Winner, Shadowind who wowed the judges with a vibrant digital composition that featured the Javan rhinoceros walking through some shallow waters deep in the rainforest. The judges felt as if they had walked right into Ujung Kulon National Park and were witnessing the gentle rhinoceros wading through the waters right before them. With the sunlight piercing the thick foliage and the waters rippling softly, a beautiful scene was depicted.

Shadowind will choose the FaunaFocus for May 2019, which will be announced at the end of April’s Free-For-All critique livestream. Last month’s Free-For-All winner, Deertush has chosen the FaunaFocus for the month of April, FaunaFocus’ first deer species, the mule deer!


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