Free-For-All: December 2019

Noelle M. Brooks Orange AwesomeAndo
Date December 2019 Theme Curl-Crested Araçari
Entries 7 Winner AmyGorns

As the final month of 2019 came to a close, FaunaFocus featured the curl-crested araçari and 7 different artists entered the Free-For-All. Each artist took inspiration from this odd curl-crested avian, most choosing to depict its curious and amicable personality. With a variety of concepts and media, each piece portrayed the toucan wonderfully.

Congratulations to the winner, AmyGorns, who portrayed a couple of curl-crested araçaris within a soft, pastel-colored bunch of leaves. Surrounded by glowing particle effects, these detailed birds gave a calming vibe and were skillfully drawn with a good attention to detail. It was a difficult decision for the judges, but these cute toucans won over their hearts.

AmyGorns will be selecting the FaunaFocus for the month of February 2020, which will be announced at the end of January 2020’s Free-For-All. Last month’s Free-For-All winner, Zoe has selected FaunaFocus’ first featured species for 2020, the red fox!

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