Free-For-All: Bald Eagle


About four years ago, I was shoved into a high school art class against my will, and I can’t decide if it was the best thing or the worst thing to ever happen to me. Regardless, it happened, and for my first assignment, I drew a bald eagle with colors behind it. I recently found the artist statement for it, and it was this big paragraph about freedom and being who you want to be and all that jazz. I figured it was finally a good time to redraw it, perfect for Pride Month, perfect for eagle month, just a good time all around.


The FaunaFocus Free-For-All is an art competition that is open to all and is intended to foster community-based learning while celebrating successes and encouraging artists to improve from discipline and criteria.

June 2020’s Free-For-All featured the bald eagle.

Sarah redrew one of her first artworks from about four years ago and her artistic improvement is inspiring. This illustration depicted a noble bald eagle amidst a rainbow gradient background with an aura of colors reflecting within its eyes. Keeping with the theme of lustrous colors, this improved piece captures the same theme with a refined attention to detail.


As a part of the American Eagle Foundation (AEF)‘s June 26th National American Eagle Day campaign for bald eagles and other birds of prey, Sarah has won a bird of prey prize pack!



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