Free-For-All: July 2020

Noelle M. Brooks DeerTush snowflake_blossom
Date July 2020 Theme Gerenuk
Entries 8 Winner Danji Isthmus

The end of July 2020 is here and with it the end of the FaunaFocus Free-For-All. This month, FaunaFocus featured the gerenuk and 8 different artists found inspiration from this odd, long-necked antelope. With digital and traditional media, each artist used their own artistic voice to create a unique piece of artwork.

Congratulations to the winner Danji Isthmus, who created a stunning, yet perplexing digital illustration of the gerenuk. With an exaggerated long neck and intense eyelashes, this gerenuk fascinated the judges.

Danji will be selecting the FaunaFocus that will be featured in September 2020, which will be announced at the end of August’s Free-For-All livestream. Last month’s winner, Sarah, has selected August 2020’s FaunaFocus, the Silverstone’s poison frog!

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