Free-For-All: August 2017

Noelle M. Brooks Louisherlihy PrendorianCrab
Date August 2017 Theme Great Horned Owl
Entries 8 Winner Denise Kristin (DeniseThePleb)


Another month has flown by and the August Free-For-All has concluded! We had a record turn out this month; much thanks to everyone who submitted entries inspired by the magnificent great horned owl! Many entries ranging from a variety of mediums were inspired by this powerful and bold creature.

Congratulations to August 2017’s Free-For-All Winner, Denise Kristin (DeniseThePleb) with her tribal art design! Denise has chosen the featured animal species for the month of October, which will be revealed at the end of September! September’s Free-For-All will feature the beautiful tiger sporting an elegantly striped coat.

Throughout the month of September, FaunaFocus will be teaming up with WWF to help save the endangered tiger (Panthera tigris)! We will be hosting a Twitch charity host train on Tuesday, September 12th, so check out the WWF Host Tain post for more info and to sign up for a time slot during the Host Train.


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